Web-based Information Science Education (WISE) is a unique and groundbreaking opportunity in online Library and Information Science (LIS) Education.

Leading schools in the information field have extended their reach outside the traditional classroom to broaden the educational opportunities available to their students. The WISE Consortium uses advanced technology as a means to enrich LIS education and foster relationships among students, faculty, and universities, through course sharing an cooperative pedagogical training.

The vision of this initiative is to provide a collaborative, cost-effective distance education model that will increase quality, access, and diversity of online education opportunities in Library and Information Science.

Q: Do I have to be enrolled as a student at a WISE member institution in order to register for a course through WISE?
A: Yes, you must be enrolled at a WISE member school to be eligible to register through WISE.

Q: Why do I have to enter my own information on the WISE site?
A: It is important that you enter your own information on the WISE site to ensure that you have read all the course and prerequisites details, and have agreed to the course disclaimer prior to requesting enrollment

Q: If my home institution has given me permission to enroll in a course, why was I denied or waitlisted by WISE?
A: Enrollment requests sometimes exceed the number of seats available in WISE courses. While we do our best to accommodate every request, this is not always possible. If you are denied or waitlisted from one WISE course, please inquire about the availability of seats in other WISE courses selected by your university at support@wiseeducation.org.

Q: I contacted the host school directly and the instructor said that I can enroll. Why am I now being told by WISE that I cannot enroll due to deadlines or a course cap?
A: Students enrolling through WISE must go through the WISE enrollment request process. Instructors teaching WISE courses may not be aware of the cap on WISE students a school is able to host or the administrative lead time necessary to establish guest accounts for WISE students to provide course access. Please contact your school’s WISE Administrator or support@wiseeducation.org with any enrollment questions.

Q: How long will it take for me to find out if I have been accepted into a WISE course?
A: This depends on when you request enrollment. There is typically a 2-week delay between the start of enrollment requests and the first assignment of students to courses. If you request enrollment after the initial assignments of students to courses, you will be accommodated if space is available, and will be notified.

Q: Why is there a delay between enrollment requests and confirmation of enrollment?
A: There is typically a 2-week delay between the start of the enrollment request period and the first assignment of students to courses. This is done purposefully to ensure that students from each member school have the opportunity to request enrollment; enrollment periods vary at the different WISE schools. Please check the calendar listed under “Students” for enrollment deadlines.

Q: How many WISE courses may I take in a single semester? Throughout my program?
A: Please see your home school’s policy for the number of WISE courses you are allowed to take for credit during a given semester and during your entire program.

Q: When will I receive my course tool login information, and from whom?
A: You should receive your course tool login information from the administrator at the host school 1-2 weeks prior to the start of the course. If you do not receive your login information by this time, please e-mail support@wiseeducation.org for assistance.

Q: If a course is synchronous and is offered in a different time zone, how do I calculate the course time where I am located?
A: A link to a time-zone calculator is located on the course details page near the time information for synchronous courses.

Q: Are residencies mandatory?
A: Some courses have mandatory residencies, while others are optional. Pay careful attention to residency section of the course details when requesting enrollment. Contact support@wiseeducation.org if clarification is needed.

Q: How long will I stay on a course’s waitlist?
A: Students may be enrolled from the waitlist until the deadline to enroll in the course expires (the last add date). This varies from course to course, and is listed under course details.

Q: If I am on a waitlist, am I obligated to take a course if a seat opens up?
A: Remaining on a waitlist does not obligate you to take a course should a seat open up; it only guarantees that you will be given the option to enroll should you choose to.

Q: Do students have to pay extra for WISE courses?
A: WISE does not charge an extra fee directly to students. Please see your home school WISE representative for details on your school’s policy.

Q: How do I pay for my WISE course?
A: You are responsible for paying tuition to your home school for any WISE courses you take.

Q: Why was I billed by the school hosting my WISE course?
A: If you are billed in error by the school hosting your WISE course, please contact support@wiseeducation.org.

Q: If I drop a course, who should I notify?
A: If you choose to drop a course, please be sure to notify your home school, support@wiseeducation.org, and the course instructor.

Q: What is the deadline to drop a WISE course with no financial penalty?
A: WISE follows the home school’s policy on financial drop deadlines. Please consult your home school adviser for dates and policies.

Q: What is a course disclaimer?
A: The course disclaimer outlines expectations for the student, includes any pertinent school policies, and constitutes an agreement between the host school and the student. You must agree to the disclaimer in order to request enrollment in a course.

Q: What if I did not agree to the course disclaimer when I requested enrollment?
A: You will be contacted by support@wiseeducation.org and asked to agree to the disclaimer via e-mail before your enrollment is confirmed

WISE encourages all students to provide confidential feedback via email to support@wiseeducation.org.  Please include the course name in your message.

WISE will contact all students at the end of the semester with a full course evaluation. Evaluation data is used for future course selection and instructor development.